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Impersonating gonePOSTAL? I don't hardly think so.


I just read gonePOSTAL's latest blog and it reminded me of my situation. In the recent days, I have been accused of being gonePOSTAL as well as waverlygirl. Frankly, the accusations make me laugh. I can kind of see why people would think that though. I mean all of a sudden, this person starts reading my blogs, ( he subscribed to me by the way. The first to subscribe. Thanks gonePOSTAL. ) and leaving raelly awesome comments supporting me and encouraging me to keep writing more good blogs. This is really great and I appreciate the positive support a lot more than words can express. So yeah, I suppose I can see why people would think I was him, leaving positive comments on my own things. But rest assured, people of eBaum's World, I am NOT, I repeat NOT, gonePOSTAL.

waverlygirl Uploaded 07/29/2008
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