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Where is W?

As I lay here flipping the channels between the three cable news networks, I've noticed several politicians making last minute stump speeches at various venues around the country.  Obama in Ohio, Billy Bob Clinton here in my state stumping for Jack Conway.  Biden's on another channel.  Boehner is talking about how anti-establishment he is, etc.

But then it dawned on me....

Where the fuck is W.?

Where's Dick?

Why aren't they out on the stump slapping some would be congressman on the back and handing out endorsements like left over Halloween candy?

And don't give me that they're the "old" party and that the other candidates are the "new" anti-establishment group, Mitch and Boner are on the tube every five minutes talking about taking the country "back" even though they've been in congress forever.  If Dubya's policies were so great, then where the fuck is he?

JohnnyBax Uploaded 11/02/2010
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