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Ron Paul Must Be Proud!


After a tough fight Rand Paul has won a seat for the Republicans. His campaign had to endure lies and dirty tricks from the Democrats, even the Republicans didn't want him in there, but with style and class Rand Paul pulled it off. He won because he listened to what  American's  had to say. Congratulations Rand and congratulations  to Kentucky for waking up. Kentucky where the grass is blue, not smoked.


The Associated Press

Political newcomer and tea party champion Rand Paul won the Kentucky Senate race Tuesday, spearheading a likely cadre of libertarian-leaning Republicans who will press party leaders to be more adamant about lower taxes, less spending and smaller government.

Paul, who defeated Democratic state Attorney General Jack Conway, helped fuel the tea party movement in May when he walloped the Republican establishment's hand-picked candidate in the primary. An ophthalmologist who had not sought office before, he is the son of Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, a hero to many libertarians.

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