Merry Fucking Christmas

I'm calling for a new law - NO HOLIDAY COMMERCIALS UNTIL AT LEAST Dec 1st.

I highly doubt any person needs to be reminded that it's nearing the time that we go out and spend a bunch of money on other people... most people dread this part of the year... so we know it exists.

Less than a week after Christmas and Glade is already telling me how to make my house smell like the holidays.  Kmart has lay-away, so you don't have to pay for Christmas right away.  And Canadian Tire has all of my Christmas decoration needs. 

The only good thing about it is... .Halloween candy is on sale all over the place.  Since retailers need to make room for their Christmas inventory - halloween candy's price has been cut by over half.  Sweet!

I hate Christmas... well... what it's become.  It seems that every year the commercials come quicker... and there's no reason for it.   People who celebrate x-mas are guaranteed to spend as much as they can or are willing to this year... no Glade commercial is going to enhance that. We all make a point to go shopping for shit that no one really needs... no need to tell us we need it.

Don't get me wrong... I like spending time with family.  I only see my extended family on Christmas Eve, so I look forward to it... I'm telling you right now... despite what Lindt Chocolate says...spending time with them doesn't get any better depending on the amount of gold-foiled chocolate balls set out on the coffee table. 

My dad used to get tropical fruit for Christmas.  In Newfoundland bananas and oranges are hard to come by... they obviously don't grow there, and with it being an island - logistics make for high prices.   My dad very much appreciated that.  He appreciated that extra effort his large family went through to make the holidays special.  What happened to that?   I know a girl who stopped talking to her father after he didn't buy her a NEW ipod that she "needed".  I'm serious.  The year before her parents got a divorce, and soon thereafter started to try and bribe their kids into living with them. They very much took advantage and decided to live with the most ignorant consumer.... their mother. (While her over spending was one of the causes of the divorce).   It's sad.

Uploaded 11/03/2010
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