Bob Dylan Sucks Dick

I fucking hate Bob Dylan. What a shit godamn artist. Fuck his lyrics in my own ass, I don't fuckin' give a flying floppy cunt flap about his godamn lyrics. His voice sounds like a  drunk midget with downs syndrome fuckin' his dog's sister. I mean, Jesus Christ. Speaking of midgets, what the fuck is the lyric, "one eye'd midget screamin' yeah!" Is he refering to a penis? A penis screaming yeah becuase it ejaculated? Don't even try to give a fucking answer, you don't know. Most assholes believe this cunt is good becuase his lyrics are such a load of steaming bullshit no-one can understand them. So, rather than look like a fuckin' moron, they'd rather pretend like they know what this moron is talking about. I know what he's talking about. Oh yes. And he's a cunt for it. Fuck his lyrics, and fuck him, and fuck his fans. You know, he reminds me of Wings with Paul McCartney, another overrated retard. People say they like Wings jsut becuase McCartney started the fucking band, but have you ever heard that infernal "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time" song? I want to jam a razor balde up my ass and clench my dick 'till I see the future everytime I listen to that god awful fucking song. Fuck Pauly, and fuck the Beatles while I'm at it. I don't give a good God damn about what "they" did for music. The future comes whether its built on the bodies of another generation, or the achievements of another generation, and that goes for my generation too. We are all disposible, we live, fuck, breathe, shit and then we rot. WHo gives a flying FUCK what happens here? Good or bad, someone will come along and learn from it. Fuck paying alms to the greatest musicians of the past, man. Fuck it. Music would have evolved regardless, for better or for worse. All it takes is one cocksucker to say, "Jesus Christ this fuckin' blows/this is the fuckin' shit and mold his or her image, let alone sound, off it. Fuck Bob Dylan and his midget. Fuck Wings. Fuck em' all, and look to a future that you can carve with your own hands, whether you shit, slay, slander, or accept the past.


And fuck spellcheck too, you grammer Nazi cunts.

Uploaded 11/03/2010
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