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Kill Yourself


Honestly, you should kill yourself. Motherfucker, go kill yourself. Truly. I am sick and tired of those who deserve such things, and quite frankliy, my anus cannot understand why these things exsist. You. Understanding. Everything. No-one is innocent. But that's okay. We are all meat, meat dancing in the world, sucking, fucking, eating, and shitting, meat. We're meat, and we should all die, and we will. Some of you should kill yourself to expedite the process. It's not hard, even though some dumbasses actually fucking BOTCH it. I's kind of hard to screw that shit up. Starting life, keeping life, maintaining life, that's hard. But ending your own? Easy as shit! Stop drinking water and eating. 1. Swallow two cartons of rat poison. 2. Swallow 2 or 3 bottles of sleeping pills and chase them with liquor. 3. It's easy. Most people don't employ enough overkill to kill themselves, and thats the problem. You don't want to end up like the morons that fuck their shit up and live, okay? Don't slit your godamn wrists. Slit the up to the elbow, you know hotdog style? After swallowing a whole bottle of sleeping pills, washing it down with a bottle of NyQuil. THAT'S how you kill yourselfs. So. Please. You all know who you are, kill yourself. Me? Don't wanna die yet. You? Time to die. Oh yes.
BigGayShlong Uploaded 11/04/2010
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