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Humiliated! Well not really. I know shit.

I've done my best, to teach the rest.
I showed the facts, I bared my ass.

My soul exposed, your brains on doze.
I tried to explain, your future pain.

Few would listen, more would laugh.
I loved you all, but that will pass.

Your futures unknown, mine determined.
Soon you will forget me, that's for certain.

I would take you all in a love embrace,
But many would squirm, run, saying you are full of shit.

Perhaps I am, what  is all of this.
Perhaps I am, none of this.

I know one thing, and you do too.
A man alone cannot survive.

Thank you all for reading my blogs,
but now it is time to tend to my hogs!

Letemdangle Uploaded 11/04/2010
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