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So here I'm sitting waiting for the water to get turned back on so I can take a shit when it hit me; women are good at bitching and pointing out shit that's wrong. Men are good at getting pissed off and fixing and/or breaking things. The sexes coexist because of this fact in a sort of endless battle. Things get better because of this fact.

So the other day I was pooping when it hit me; what if we were put on this earth by an alien race from another planet, to develop this planet until they come back to enslave us and take it over. Or maybe we are already their slaves and they disguise themselves as the world leaders.

So just the other night I was pants at my ankles, peeing in the urinal when it hit me; what if you take a cup fill half of it with jager and the other half with root beer. I tried this and the mix made me cum.

AHFL = ass hat for life. I would like to see this acronym used more. thank you and good night.
Frogbob Uploaded 11/06/2010
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