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"So then she blew me" I should leave that out.


So in psych class, we are suppose to keep a sleep log. How many hours we slept, the environment, etc. And our dreams. So the first night I had a dream which involved me and this girl, who I don't even like, just making out until we are about to have sex. I actually wrote that down. The next day, I had a dream in which that same girl gave me head. It was great, I think im gonna get her number.  There's no way I can write down that. What would I look like if I had two sex dreams in a row? Answer: A virgin. And also a fucking pervert.

Ya know, as long as she doesnt turn into a dude during the duration of the sleep log, I should write it down anyways.

I think the real question is, why the hell am i having sex dreams about a girl i dont like?

Maybe I should pay more attention in psychology.

Ashes_Fall Uploaded 11/22/2010
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