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World War Three and the Draft


There is a disturbing possibilty that World War Three could become real thanks to the madness of Kim Jong Dong and his tiny midget army. Once again, the threat of a draft in the united states looms over the minds of all who are aged 18-25. There were other draft scares as well, and I've prepared myself for all of them. This will be the third one by my count, and just when I started to disarm myself from the fury and hate, I must take up that dark mantle again. Will there be a draft? Could there be a draft? If so, I will not run. There was a time when I would, but I can't see myself doing it any longer. So. I have started a new section of my personallity devoted exclusively for war. Violence. My old default, but it still hangs around, lurking in the back of my skull with the rest of the madness inflicted by life and by the self. You build a life, and then it can be stripped from you. Remember that. I keep the possiilty of my death in the back of my head every day. How amny people wake up saying, "today is the day I die." Most of the time, it takes us by suprise. So. I want to be as ready as possible. I have started the hate flood of propganda to trick my mind once more into the blinding whirlwind of self-destroying violence called fury, and with any luck, I'll be able to switch between this, and my normal self. It's a cold rage that takes me over sometimes, opposed to a blinding fury. I think that this form of rage is more accurate to most humans. A calculated, hideous determination to destroy. I once again must re-learn to hate humanity, and be able to embrace it again without pause. Whether or not this is impossible, I don't know. But regardless, I must do what I must do. I must do what I think will keep me alive if I take up the rifle and start spilling the blood of my government's enemies. Is this just an excuse for me to take the easy path again? The path where everyone is meat, and only the biggest carnivore will see the light of a new day? Or am I just full of fucking shit? Either way, I'll be prepared for what happens. As prepared as one human being can get anyway. If you're a U.S. citizen and in the draft age, how will you prepare? Will you? If a draft does begin, I will be ready to spill blood. Whether it's my own to escape my fate, or my enemy's. Either way, I'll be free.
BigGayShlong Uploaded 11/23/2010
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