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Women's Rights---Joke?


I love equality. Hell yes, everyone gets a chance. If you want something, want to do something, so on and so forth, you most certianly should get a chance to do so. However. I have found many who are willing to claim this right is thiers, but piss all over it as they do it. Numerous types, races, groups, blah blah FUCKIN' blah do this, but the one I'm going to focus on today is women. I love strong women. Women that are strong willed, tough, but know when it's time to be nuturing and soft. A true woman can be as tough as steel, or as soft as wool. Fuck, men can learn a thing or two from these types of women. Doublefuck, everyone on the godamn planet can adhere to those values regardless of age. Be strong, be sensitive, life is about flexibility. With that said, I'll move on to what I fuckin' hate. Women that are strong willed, but don't do SHIT and expect special treatment. My family, as much as I love them, are riddled with this type of garbage. I have bossy, strong willed, stubborn females in my family tree, and they have no problem ordering people around while they sit on thier asses and do shit. I'm not even talking abotu stereotypical "women's work," just anything. And what the fuck is this shit that you can't hit women, not even in self defense? Fuck you. Women's rights is about eqaulity, right? Then why the fuck do we have to open doors and let you go first? Pull out your fuckin' chair? Do bullshit favors becuase you stubbed your toe three days ago and the pain is so bad that when you stand you piss slightly and you're on your last panty shield? Fuck you again. I open doors for EVERYONE. I pull chairs out for EVERYONE. I will call you a cunt if I want to (if you're being one), and if you hit me, you're gonna get hit back. Equality? Horseshit. Exceptions are the opposite of equality, and why the FUCK do you, lazy strong willed GIRLS think that you deserve the rights every single human being is entitled to AND have exceptions? Get the fuck up off your ass and get your own damn glass of water. Don't give me a bullshit excuse that you have a headache, or your twat isn't fresh, or some silly shit. Do things for yourself, and the next time you ask me to do a favor for you, I'll do it becuase I respect you powerful, strong willed WOMAN, not because I want you to shut the fuck up and stop flapping that pink piece of annoying meat you call a fucking tongue.


Oh, and say thank you when I do a favor for you. I know I do when people do favors for me.

BigGayShlong Uploaded 11/24/2010
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