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I wasn't going to write this but I now feel compelled to. All the "I should have been voted best blogger" crying is getting to me. Congratulations to Tyaeda btw and all the other nominees. Many people here can write well and I enjoy reading MOST of your stuff.

Now I'm going to remind you all about DeunanKnute's EPIC BLOGGISHNESS!!!! Who can forget such literary masterpieces as "I'm not a rapist!" or "Top ramen and the single guy." That's some real Shakespearian shit there people ;)

How about "My Woobie"? That one blew many of you away...a classic piece! I know that "Ant poison and the human body" saved many, many, MANY lives. One of my all time favorites...."A Love Story." How could you not cry at the end of that one? I know I did :(

Am I going to cry that I should have won? No.....I DID WIN....bitches! Now I'm off to fuck my imaginary trophy....good night. Prepare yourselves for more EPICNESS!!!!


You're not worthy, you're not worthy........


Poet, writer, literary wonder... DeunanKnute.

DeunanKnute Uploaded 11/26/2010
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