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I HaVe BeEn HaCkEd bY ThEmOrPhEr

   WeLl, WelL, wElL, LoOk WhO jUsT gOt HaCkEd, I tOlD daNgLe NoT tO tALk ShIt but He RefUsEd TO takE mY wArNiNg SeriOusLy sO noW hE gOt HaCkEd. IF AnYbOdY ElSe hAs AnY sHiT tO TaLk tHeY wiLl GeT hAcKeD toO! So gO AhEaD TaLk ShiT anD wAtCh YoUr OwN AcCounT GeT hacKeD. 

    TaLk ShiT gEt HaCkEd!!!
LetemdangIe Uploaded 12/04/2010
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