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The Morpher

He was a poor, lonely boy. To add to his sad life, he was a homosexual. He still had windows 98 and his father used to beat him frequently at night. It was not uncommon for him to be woken up by his fathers fist at 3am. The morpher grew very depressed and even suicidal. One day he was browsing a few of his favorite gay porn websites and got fed up that he had to jerk off to the "Free Tour" offered by his favorite websites. He decided enough was enough. He might not be able to stop his fathers beatings, but he would stop the gay porn websites from only giving him a sample of the hardcore anal action he loved so much. He spent hours, days, years learning how to hack until eventually he cracked the code and entered all the gay porn websites he wished, free of charge. This was a victory for the morpher.
x22tizzle Uploaded 12/04/2010
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