Do your fucking job

You would think.. and this just an idea... with the amount of unemployment there is in the modern world today, people would appreciate the employment they have, by doing what they can to maintain it.  You would think... but it's far from the truth.

Recently I've been working on improving my skills and resume.   Next Tuesday I have a welding test that will certify me as a welder, opening up the job opportunities I need to get anywhere in life.   The company sees potential and ability in me and are thus willing to spend money on my certification and training.  Everyone there is very confident that I will pass the test next week... if they didn't, they wouldn't waste the money - especially during the slow season. Improving my resume has become a full time job for me - with over time - without actual monetary pay or any concrete guarantee for employment in the future.

Any possibility employment there as a welder is reliant on my completion of high school.  Now before you wander away from the point... I didn't graduate when I was supposed to, because many circumstances lead to the necessity of me dropping out less than  a month before graduating.  I had to move out of my parents house, and away from my home town, which made me put my education on the back burner.   Understandably, along with the economy (I dropped out in 2008 - during the worst parts of the recession), this has made finding full time employment very difficult.   Although I do have some regrets, I also recognize that removing myself from the situation I was in prevented me from ending up like everyone else I know from back then.  (Most of them are living with parents while trying to balance serious drug use with caring for their 1-2 children.)  I never looked back, and it's the best thing I've ever done.    Since then I have tried many times in many ways to complete high school, and to go off to college (which I was accepted for twice now), but the need to pay bills by working whenever I can has proved that to be impossible.... until now.

Being on unemployment has finally given me the time to improve my resume and focus on school.  So I signed up for a study at home program which is designed around people who do not have the time or ability to go to full time classes (full time classes may result in the loss of employment benefits - due to time taken away from finding work).  I get all of the books for a course (at a price of $100) and I do them at my own pace at home.   I spend the majority of my free time, especially in the evenings, learning about Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology.  Every Wednesday between 6-8pm I go to a high school located an hour's drive away, to hand in work.  I've been doing this for almost 3 months now, and recently finished all of the assignments for my first course (I need 4 in total).  All I have to do is the exam.... and that's where the topic of this blog originates.

My "teacher" (he calls himself that, but I sure as hell wouldn't) has the easiest fucking job on earth.  He works 2 hours a week, which he spends sitting in an empty class room marking work.  But he doesn't use his own intelligence or teaching skills, he uses a teacher's addition book that gives him all of the answers and outlines.  All he has to do is match the answers I give, to the answers in that book, tally up my score, and write it down.  He does not have to learn any of the curriculum, as he does not teach any lessons... the books I take home do all of that.    Yesterday I went in there late, because it was hard for me to find a ride in.  But I got there 15 minutes before the end of his "shift" to hand it what I had finished.  I looked at his desk, and there was work I had handed in the first week!!!!!  He was in the middle of marking what I had handed in months prior.  Now... on the orientation page I received at registration, it says that if I hand in a whole course at a time, it could take up to a month to have it marked.  I haven't done this.  I hand in a little every week, in the hopes that my progress can be monitored, so I know whether I'm doing it right or not.   When he did give me back less than half of what I handed in the first week, he could not tell me anything I did wrong, although he had marked a few questions wrong.   So I looked through it for the wrong answers, and asked him about them.  "Did I not explain enough or something?"  I asked.  "I'm not entirely sure" he "explains".   Frustrated, I ask him... "Well did you hear anything about my maturity credit application?" (Maturity credits being credits towards graduation for student who have been in the work force, for a period of time... along with age requirements and other qualifications I was unable to find any information on)  He said  "uh... yeah... I have a little... I submitted your application and it was denied."  ... "How come?" I asked... AGAIN he couldn't tell me shit.  So I tried asking him how long it was going to take him to mark the rest of my course... of course he didn't know. I needed to know, because I can't take the exam without having him finish marking my work... and I can't start a new course without completing the exam for this one.

Then.. he had the nerve to ask me for my books, and lecture me about not bringing them on purpose.   I need them to study for the exam... which by the sounds of things, could be months in the future.  He didn't get it....

Aparently.. I'm missing something.  I heard that the success rate of this program was low.. but I figured that was due to the lack of structure and teacher to student interaction.... but I had no idea it was because the "teacher" was too lazy to keep up with his work load.  Seriously.  My little sister is in University studying to be a history teacher... and I'm sure she's looking for a job... along with many other hopefuls.   

So.. now I wait.  I'll continue to make that hour long drive to find out when I'll be able to take my exam and start a new course.  Hopefully buddy gets it done so I have at least the chance to get 2-3 courses finished by May 1st... the end of the school year (this program used to be year round.. but for some reasons it now resembles a regular school year).  After that, I'll have to wait until September to go through it all again.   This program is supposed to be the quickest way for dedicated students to get their high school education while maintaining college eligibility.  I know I'm doing my part...there's a lot on the line.

Ben... if you're reading this... get back to work you lazy piece of shit.  You being too lazy to keep up, is putting my whole life on hold, and if it continues, I will be complaining to your supervisor until I find there's a new teacher sitting in that empty pathetic class room waiting to mark my assignments.
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