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crazy weekend episode the fifth

i havent been around to write a blog in awhiles so hey what the heck, lets roll with it. So I was bar hoppin with my lady, gettin drizzunk (thats rap for drunk), when we get to this country bar. I'm wearing my preppy "city boy" clothes, everyone else is in 10 gallon hats and huge, shiny belt buckles.

They were all gathered around this mechanical bull, guy gets thrown off right when I busted open the door. They all turned around to see who came in. The music stopped a cowboy spit tobac, pah-ting. So fuck it I go pay my 5 bucks and get about 5 bucks on the bull. Gotta beat em at their own game. I saddle up. I'm so drunk I can hardly sit straight. one hand up, one hand on the reins, yah I saw it on tv before. and the following happens;

my wife laughs, who can blame her. I thought it was funny as shit too, till I woke up.

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Frogbob Uploaded 12/09/2010
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