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Discovering a Darkness


Sometimes I stare into a mirror and a bizarre thing happens. I look at the shadows congeal under my features, nose, brow, lips, etc., and I see a brief glimpse of myself underneath. It's completely dark, this figure, a void. It had twisted features, its skull almost a crown. I didn't understand it at first. Who am I fuckin' kidding, I still don't. But, like with most things we don't udnerstand, we either destroy it, or try to...well, understand it, for lack of a better word. I propose a question, then.


Good deeds. We all do them somehow. Whether you are the most callous cunt fuck around, there is a good deed there. Why be good? Hmm? Ever think about it? I used to think of it as a way of kinda saying, "thanks" to the cosmos. Soem do it for benefits, strictly benefits, some do it becuase it feels right. All those are valid reasons. So, let's examine one thing in particular. Doing the right thing becuase it feels like the right thing. Do we really know why we do these deeds? Do we? Do you, specfically? Are we just kidding ourselves?


Do we really have just...good intentions? A grim proposition. But one I bring up becuase we all share something, no matter how much you hate, like, or love me, we are all mortal. We bleed, die, breath, fuck, eat, sleep, piss, shit, cum and burp, and for those reasons alone, I question a human's (myself included) motives for doing good deeds. For thinking they are a good person. The whole idea is so abstract to begin with anyway.


Bad is bad, but good can be good and bad, or terrible. Sometimes, the good of a situation masks the evil, and I think this notion is terrifiying. Good, bad. Can we really tell what's what behind mortal eyes? Are you a good person, or an unwilling demon hiding behind an egear hero?


Think about it.

BigGayShlong Uploaded 12/16/2010
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