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Okay guys.


Earlier today this girl told me if i put enough quarters in her vagina, she would sprout wings and turn into an angel.

So I'm depositing a ton of quarters in there, one after another

and she's like "hmm it's not working, try some dollar bills."

So I'm shoveling 1s, 5s, 10s, even 20s up there,

Probably spent at least a cool 300.

The whole time I'm like,

"so I'm definitely getting all this money back after your wings sprout, right?"

And she's all,

"duh, of course, would an angel steal your money?"

And I'm like,

"Good point,"

and go back to my shoveling.

And then the next thing I know...

Bitch is fucking running away with all my money!


I fucking grab the police,

But they just laugh.

fucking bamboozled again!!

When will I learn?
KinokoSama Uploaded 12/16/2010
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