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Death is cool or not.

   I like death .We all do it. Some of us even  play dead until we meet the real deal. Some claim to wish for an earlier end. Some actually go all the way and bring it to themselves.   Some are less selfish. They give the gift of death to others. And some people just die of something strange. They never even saw that shit coming. 
  People we love die. That fucking sucks. It sucks when someone you love dies. However when someone you despise drops dead. It is a totally different emotion. Not quite joy. Zero sorrow. At least for me. A nice content I am glad you're fucking dead. 
 I have seen death at an angle at a service point of view. Getting the smell of the dead out of a home so it may be sold is a skillful labor . I wish often I was a soldier killing at will leaving bodies where they lie. Simply because I am selfish and I do not want to be the bastard that cleans them up. We find ourselves in funny situations while we try to live but death is indiscreet. 
 Death is a spoiled little princess that gets everything it wants.  Its just there to torture you into things you have no control over because it may come at any moment or situation. People get to use it as a means to get whatever the fuck they want be it guilt , guilt, guilt, or killing you. 
 Near death experiences are bullshit because the people that have had them are not fucking dead.   If there was no death I wonder if we would even give a fuck if there was a god? Maybe we created god to explain cruelty and death. Or maybe god created us for the same purpose.
  I wish I could find some fucking pot.



Hoblem Uploaded 12/17/2010
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