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My first acid trip

I was a pretty wild kid back in the day. By the time I was 10, I was throwing paper into the plastic/metal recycling bin. By the time I was 11, I was ordering refills and not taking a single sip from them and by the time I was 12 I was crossing the street without looking.
I thought I could do anything I wanted. So this one time I broke into my middle school's chemistry lab and started playing with things. I went into the back room, where they stored everything, and started messing around. Unfortunately, the light was off and there was stuff on the floor. As I walked further and further into the room, my foot caught on a container with sulfuric acid in it and I fell over, hitting the ground.
That was the first time I tripped on acid. It was the last time as well.
Cowtipper Uploaded 12/18/2010
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