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No, Thank you ebaumsworld!!


"Dear ADLife,


Congratulations on redeeming your eBones, and thank you for helping eBaum's World become a leader in online entertainment.  Keep up the good work!



Internet Entertainment"



Thank you eBaums World for being an awesome site, ever since I arrived here a few years back I have enjoyed it.  I even enjoyed it since Eric was kicked guys keep up the good work and thank you for the replys to my email questions.  I will continue to put up, what I believe to be, good videos and games, and sometimes pictures and jokes.



Oh and for you one's that don't understand what this is about, just incase you're that dumb....I cashed in on a $100.00 gift card with my eBones and I recieved it yesterday just in time for christmas.





ADLife Uploaded 12/18/2010
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awesome collection of funny  videos pictures galleries and gifs