Gifts for the fucktards

I never buy gifts for anyone but my kids so feel special retards! This was inspired by Tyaeda's blog. If I forgot fucking what? :) Spending virtual money has never been My gifts to all this x-mas...


Tyaeda...a cut to fit leather body suit. To protect you when you're welding of course! :) phone number. ;) open mind! There's more music out there than just blues. Sheesh!

Garadain...a year's supply of Purel.

NO U...location for the nearst AA meetings.

Laptopia...ummmm? Shit...idk...when idk you get a gift card....$10 card for Radio Shack.

GIJoe/Dread/Frogbob...A safe return home brothers!

Sheza...more free time. So you can write more often, I enjoy your stuff.

Sparks...a year's subscription to SciFi Quarterly.

Neko/Mizuka...a prescription for multiple personality disorder.

Tomlet...a year's subscription to The Onion and The Smoking Gun.

Dawnthief...(gift card) $10 at IHOP.

Major...a prescription for mood stabilizers.

Miles...a new notebook. (to write your funny little comments in to retrieve when signed in)

Dangle...a book titled..."Not everything's a fucking conspiracy!"


Ok bitches....I'm now broke. I hope you're fucking happy!


Merry x-mas and to all a fuck you! :)


X-mas Deunan

Uploaded 12/20/2010
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