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Rip it Apart


Hate feels like rage. A seething, suffocating pool of envy and disgust, bubbling up and over your skull, pushing the eyes out of your head. No matter what you may do, you can either accept this rage, or you can change it. How often must we go through this? This endless cycle of hate, rage, and envy? Sometimes it feels like the energy inside, the energy of all that negativity threatens to burst out of you in violence. Seeing others torn down by the strong, making the weak weaker, until they can become strong. It obliterates you. Changes you. Twists you. You can either kill yourself, or build yourself back up, bone by bone. Although, whatever you build won't be the same. It'll have holes, and cracks, and missing pieces. So, you gotta work with it. Think about what you've had to build in your life. Had teared down, or torn down yourself, and then rebuilt. Think about what a building would look like if it was you. Tell me about it. I want to know. As for me, I would have a rock hard foundation, unflatering. However, the floors above it would be haggard, and on fire, eventually burning completely away until I have to rebuild. Fortunately, my foundation will never be broken. What's your tower look like?
BigGayShlong Uploaded 12/23/2010
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