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mmm fuggin makin down on some late night snacks. Wifeys up sleepin an I can't so I came down an grabbed all I could to stuff my cheeks with outta the fridge. First, some straight lunch meat, Land O' Frost honey smoked turkey breast, my mother-effin fave. Finished that bag off and threw it out of my perif'. Next I zeroed in on a tub of tayto salad, finished that bitch off like i was in the octagon.... again. Next I guzzled down a can of beer, bud light, while eating a few of those peanut butter cracker things we always eat at school lunches. I tell you what if I didn't have this super-model-metabolism, I wouldn't have the sexy bod i have today. Just a question for the readers of the blog section, what happened to those blogs, the guy would write all in caps? He'd say shit like BECAUSE IM HUMBLE AS FUCK. That should be enough if read them before. kay peace out
Frogbob Uploaded 12/25/2010
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