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How I once stole an HJ

            Well, to start of, I used to be in the Navy. And before any one says any thing, I know just about every gay joke you can make about that so there is no point in telling any more now. Another thing is that in the Navy, we traveled all over the world and went ashore in many exotic countries and screw many exotic women. So you can argue that we just sit on boats all day and the real war heroes are the troops in Iraq and blah blah blah. Well true, we do sit on boats all day, and the real heroes are in the middle east, but they don' t get to screw any women. So now that that's out of the way, lets focus on the topic at hand.
            This happened to me about 2 or 3 years ago. My ship had pulled in to port in Subic Bay, Philippines. Like every port visit we made, all of the sailors ran ashore as fast as possible, to get food, money from atm's, and most importantly, booze, lots and lots of booze. I went out in town with a couple of my friends from the ship, and we did our normal tour of Subic Bay(this was our 20'th time in this port). After walking around all day and eating what ever shit food they had there, we went to a bar for a while, got drunk and stumbled back to the ship. This is how we spent our first few days in port.
            Finally, on my last day off, I decided to go get a massage at the luxurious Legenda Hotel. I walked in to the spa area of the hotel and was greeted by a couple of cute young Philippino girls. They showed me where the lockers were, so I could change my clothes, and where the sauna and steam rooms were. After sitting in the steam room long enough to look like a cooked lobster, I took a shower and was ready for my massage.
            I walked into the massage room and lay down on the massage table. A cute young Philippino girl walked in said hello, and began to rub my aching body down with oils. After massaging my back and front, she told me "all done". I asked if that was it? She tapped on my junk and asked if i wanted "extra service". My heart jumped, I told her yes but I didnt have that much cash on me, so I would have to run to an atm. She said fine, and just went to town on me, giving me the best HJ of all time.
            The hotel she worked at did not condone this and she would be fired if anyone found out. This girl was running a racket and skimming off some extra cash for her self. After she finished me off, she told me it was about $30 in Philippine Pesos. I only had about $2 on me in pesos, which i gave her as a tip. I told her I had to run to the ATM, and that I would be right back.
            She seemed not to like this idea very much, so she told me that it was okay if I came back the next day to pay her. I was surprised, I told her I would, and that I would even give her some more money than what she asked for. She was very happy when I left. Now here's the bad part, the next day I had to be on duty, which means I had to work for the next 24 hours, and the day after that, my ship went back out to sea. And so that is how I got away with stealing an HJ.

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