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New Years eve plans:

Go Fishing on a half day boat departure from New Smyrna 6:00 AM, cost $70.00
Take what's her name to House of Blues for New Years celebration Cost $140 + drinks (should be minimal cuz I don't drink)
Hotel in Orlando Free (hotel points)

Actual New Years activities
Wake up 4:15 AM go into bathroom step into 2 inches of backed up sewer line Yeah!
Wailt til 8:30 to call city sewage to be told to call plumber
Remove sewage sweep cover try to pressure hose out blockage no avail
Call Plumber waiting for plumber to arrive Cost minimum $110.00 (that's just to show up on a holiday (what holiday? the holiday's tomorrow)
Cancel plans for all other activities no refund anywhere (even the hotel won't refund my points)
Still waiting for plumber but at least if I start my new year off with a major plumbing problem it can't get much worse than this!

Happy Shitty New Year!

Crapping at Mcdonalds
Majorfathead Uploaded 12/31/2010
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