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The Most Natural High

While I was in the Navy, I stumbled upon a way to get high, without drugs, air dusters, paint fumes or anything harmful to your body. Here's how it happened.

It was my first deployment over seas, and my ship had to hang out off the coast of Okinawa to do some "sea trials", which means we just had to do a bunch of test maneuvers and operations in order to certify the ship to go on and carry out the rest of the deployment. Well at the time the waters we were in were unusually choppy, for the whole two weeks.

The ship slowly rocked back and forth all day and night. By the time we finally got to pull back in to port, I had been awake for over 36 hours just from our constant work load, but I wasn't going to let that stop me when we pulled in to port, for I wanted to get a new tattoo.

So my ship finally pulled in, we finished our work for the day and I set out to go get my tattoo. I found a tattoo shop that is right down the street from one of the main gates to the Kadena Air Force base. I walked in and was fortunate enough to get an appointment right away. I just got a small tattoo on my left arm that day, but the endorphins that were released hit me pretty hard and I was feeling really good.

Then I noticed something weird, if i stood still, I felt like I was still standing on a ship rocking around in rough seas. I felt like Jack Sparrow, and I couldn't stand straight; the feeling just wouldn't go away. I told my friend who had been on the ship a while longer than I had, and he told me that I just got sea legs. It turns out that the sensation I was feeling is called sea legs, and when ever any body refers to sea legs as being able to walk around a rocking boat is full of shit. That's just trying to stand on a damn boat, no different then standing on a moving bus or train.

So by this time, I felt high as hell. I was pretty sleep deprived, I just had a bunch of endorphins released from the tattoo, and finally there was the sea legs. That turned out to be a great night, and I'm still amazed that I stumbled upon whats probably the most natural, sober-ish high.
Weird, huh?
eevoskama Uploaded 12/31/2010
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