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My job was to die.

Okay, so here is another Navy story that might sound exaggerated, but I assure you every word of it is true.

While I was in the Navy, my main job was to navigate my ship, but I also had several extra duties, one of which, you might say, was to die. On the ship, we would train our selves for all kinds of worse case scenarios in order to be ready for anything that might happen whether its a fire, man over board, Naval attack, etc. One of which was called a CBR attack. CBR stands for chemical biological and radiological attack. This is that dirty kind of warfare that no one wants to be a part of.

When we trained for this type of scenario, we would have to carry around our gas masks and CBR protective suits in a duffel bag. The way the scenario worked was they would simulate a terrorist plane flying around our ship(we used our imaginations) and the "plane" would spray us with a chemical. When this happened, they would lock down the ship, sealing every door and keeping every person on board safely inside... that is every person except for me.

My job for this situation was to stand outside and watch the plane spray us with what ever toxic chemical with an infrared scope which I would use to determine whether the chemicals the plane was spraying on us were toxic or not. For the sake of the simulation, we always said they were toxic in order to maximize the training. But after I made that determination, I got to go back inside the boat for safety right? Think again.

The people commanding me would never let me back inside after being "sprayed with toxic chemicals". What was their reasoning for this? Well in case the plane comes back of course!

Luckily, I never had to go through this scenario for real, and in fact no body else will ever again, because the equipment I was using at the time has been deemed obsolete and has been replaced by a better, and more accurate, unmanned system. So thankfully no body will ever have to die that way, but at least I can now say that my job used to be to die.
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