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Fresh Meat for the Conspiracy Theorist

John Parsons Wheeler III, former Aide to 3 Presidents, Found Dead at Cherry Island Landfill

First the birds, then the fish and now people who know the truth are murdered.

Oh what fresh hell is this the elite perpetrating on the masses?

The bird kill will be blamed on man made global warming. Immediate actions will be taken to solve the problem by imposing an Air to Breath tax. The money will go to the Banksters who will buy brand new energy efficient homes, giant sail boats and electric cars.

The fish kill will be proven to be the actions of a new home grown terrorist organization, called the Local Yokels. The Patriot act and Marshall law will be invoked.

John Parsons Wheeler's death will be blamed on Julian Assange and his Wiki-leak leaks.
Obama will sign an executive order effectively shutting down the internet.
Next the horses will eat the heads of children! AHHHHHH!!!

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