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I Got Me Some Pussy!


Every once in a while me and the boys want to get ourselves some pussy. Frank (aka, Tank), Tom (aka, Weasel, Shorty) and I jumped into the Pick-up and headed to Anselmo Alberta. We know the Cougars out there are plentiful and aggressive and a good man is rarely disappointed.

Well didn't I lay me down a big cat. It was an exciting adventure and I've fulfilled a fantasy. I gotta couple of pics to share with you.  

Don't worry cat lovers and animal rights activists the big cat didn't suffer.... much and it was killing livestock in the area and as a result was a danger to children in the area. The first picture is with Tank, the second is with Weasel, like you couldn't figure that out!
Letemdangle Uploaded 01/08/2011
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