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I work on sunday?

As I was on my computer, most likely faping. I recieve a text message, "Would you like to work for me on sunday?" I promptly reply telling this chick that I already worked on sunday. But something was odd because she said she worked the same hours that I did. So, me being the stud that I am, I check my schedule. Mind you, its already 2:45am. I looked, and see sunday. Me? Nowhere to be found on there. Look at saturday (Today) and see my damned name on the schedule.

So I get up to get ready after sleeping for 4 hours, tired as balls, when I realized it snowed a little bit through the night. Warm my car up, which made me go outside in the 10 degrees cold... Then when I go to leave, car gets stuck. FML

All in all, 30mins late to work and I didnt have a key to open the building, nor did the other person meeting me there. Double FML.
mercsan Uploaded 01/08/2011
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