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Pleasure Junkies

          The human being, since ego-development, has revolved its entire existence around the pursuit of pleasure, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Desire of these emotions fuels motivation and is the only reason we bother doing anything beyond basic survival. We are consumed by this journey to satisfaction, our egos held captive by the puppet strings of serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline.

          Were I to ask a person how they see human life 600 years ago, the most common answer would encompass what the past lacked and what they believe they can not do without, TV, internet, indoor plumbing, etc. What they mean is they would not want to live in world without the instruments which stimulate the receptors in our brain which receive the pleasure chemicals. i.e., they would not want to live without the chemicals. The instruments in which we stimulate our minds have, over time, become more complex, (books to movies, radio to TV), but, on the other side, they have made the stimulation process much, much, simpler, easier, and in some aspects more potent. Is this progress, or addiction intellectualized as such?

       Now, what are the consequences if this addiction continues to worsen? In my opinion, it is the effective dilution of the human experience. We see the apex of our society as a time when everyone is happy all the time, and we have been pursuing this idea of perfection with alarming amounts of zeal. And this mission of ours has left most of population strung out on commercial commodities as a result. But, let's say there was a time when everyone is happy all the time. They would be completely incapable of understanding their emotions because they have nothing to contrast. It is restricting perspective. No different than crippling other awareness organs. Would you want to only hear one tone? See one color? One taste? We are the conduits of consciousness, experience and external stimuli go in, are interpreted by the receiver, and then expressed. By an abundance of the pleasure chemicals coursing through our minds, the range of experience is being constricted by selfish desires, and what is expressed has little substance, leaving our cycle of awareness similar to the digestive tract of an earthworm.


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