Gonzo's Best Of 2010

#10 Amazing Pole Dance Talent
I love this video not only for the skill and hotness of the dancer, but because it is my first ever feature!

#9  Extreme Mountain Bike Run
This video takes us on a sick mountain bike run.

#8  Ebaumsworld User Video
You have to respect the people who sacked up and sent in a video of themselves risking photoshoped dicks in their mouths...*opens photoshop*

#7  Meet The Holy Diver
This guy has defiantly been down too long in the midnight sea. RIP RJD

#6  Magic Vagina Bubbles From Hell
A video frothing with loads of wtf...salmon mousse anyone?

#5  Puddings Thriller
Pudding shows us his talent..then zips up his pants.

#4  Drunk Midgets
Midgets get wasted and throw stuff at a driver-less car...FTW!

#3  I Lost To Oakland
A kid cries like a baby because "he" lost to Oakland.

#2  Chariots Of Chub
Two fat guys have a race for 10 bucks and the winner, is the happiest man on the planet.

#1  Naked Rockband Mom
Milf ruins three of life's great pleasures for her games, bewbs and the funk.


Uploaded 01/18/2011
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