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Letemdangles Top Ten

I really don't care about any top ten list, however the drunk midgets attacking the unmanned car says it all. From NYYanks blog.

I enjoy cooking a meal for my family.

I like the people I care about visiting me,

I  enjoy a coffee in the morning.

I enjoy a beer after work.

I laugh when my dog squirms,  when he has been naughty.

I enjoy writing a blog.

I like learning about other peoples ideas.

I feel comfortable in a clean home.

I like seeing new blogs posted by SJG, Rednote, Sparks,Rusty Cupcake and new people.

I look forward to Milestyles comments.

I enjoy the fact I have surpassed ten, and it doesn't matter.

I'll say my shit, because it is  important and absolutely truthful.

Well, that's my top ten!


Letemdangle Uploaded 01/19/2011
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