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Is Obama a Gay?

In a fascinating interview with Wayne Madsen, RTR reporter Julio Rausseo reveals how Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, is connected to organized crime, homosexual activities, murder and corruption.

In this interview Obama and Emanuel are implicated as paid life long members in the "Man Country" bath house. Obama is described as the one desiring the attention of another man.

Rahm's father was a specialist in blowing up fully loaded buses in Jerusalem and participated in the bombing of the King David Hotel.  A true terrorist.

This interview explores how White House staff were killed. It also reveals that Rahm Emanuel received a free town home from BP after the oil spill disaster.

Now Mr. Rahm in true Chicago gang land style wants to be mayor. I wonder if the recent arrest and military imprisonment of the Italian Mafia has anything to do with all these suspicious activities?


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