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Frogbob's Blog

Frogbob alluded a need to be a badass so he can get some attention in a previous blog. However, I have more than enough information and inspiration to make a Frogbob blog.

His romantic inclinations all started when he attended a concert with his dad. He learned about patience, loyalty, music and dance. All essential ingredients for romance.

Frogbob eventually joined the Army. While on active duty a gorilla force captured him. His duties included entertaining the troops.

Eventually using basic training techniques, camouflage and just plain old American know how, he stealthily sneaks away down the  Nakdong river.


After an arduous experience Frogbob tells his story and tries to find the right lady frog for him.

His plea was successful and he met FrogsLady. There courtship was legendary and the country sang.

Like all couples they did have their disagreements, but things worked out.

They decided on a traditional frog wedding.

With all their experience they are now sharing their wisdom with all of us on Ebaumsworld.

Try saying Frogbob's blog three times fast.
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