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The metallic death filters jammed on my eyeballs are clouding the smooth flowing waves of life coming from the shimmering ball of light. Coming to the guns end wavering to find a mend for this gaping gash on my face. Ripping rage rumbles down my spine and shakes loose the dead things around the bone. The falling and bashing made my head explode into trillions of tiny atoms that bleed independently while acid rain drops shame my dry mouth with their drooling hate and envy of a morsel of virtue I bit into. The smell of s--- gives me relief from my self stench as always we are sold to the highest bidder. We are slaves to our eaters so bring a knife to the dinner party. Then let them eat you, then slice through their soft pink belly right up to the face, but don't slip in their panic expended waste or you will loose your taste for their leftovers.
BigBlueSnake Uploaded 02/04/2011
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