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Decent music? Or descent music?


Now I try not to make a habit of denegrating other people's music...


No, that's bullshit.  I do it all the time.  NO's selection of techno didn't appeal to me.  I understand with a tab and a half of MDMA in me, grinding my pelvis into somebody with more X chromosomes than I and the techno would be just right.  I can't see how people can just sit and listen to that shit without an atomic crap-ton of meds on board.


What did disturb me was how NO took a shit on Blues.  Jazz can fend for itself.  But blues has enough goddamn problems.


Now that I live 21 hours from Austin, I can no longer make my frequent pilgrimage to remember the man that introduced me to blues as a kid:



Electronica is soulless buzzes and clicks.  SRV told stories and poured his heart out with six strings. 


Edit:  Oh, and people really do lay hands on the statue. 


Additional edit:  Here's a pic from the best show I ever saw SRV play:




That's Jeff Beck he's playing with.

tomlet Uploaded 02/16/2011
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