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Well if we're all submitting poetry now......


This is a poem I did about a month ago. It's called "Trading of Innocence" If you dont like it thats fine but there is no need to be a douche


                                                Trading of Innocence

  Not what I have come to expect,
was the tearing of flesh, repeating itself over again
for something that could only happen once,
feels like a life time now that you're gone

I can't really remember the coping
all I do remember is the moment that we longed to understand
and what we thought was a trade of innocence,
stands before me now as a flushing of purity
as we were so bold to clense our vestile beings
as blood rushed forward, and virginity washed away

And as sparks fold back into a selected spot in the corner of the room,
and my shadow claws away from underneath my footsteps
I think of you now more than ever,
as flesh tears in my mind
again, and again, and again
Ashes_Fall Uploaded 02/28/2011
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