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Black Ball Soup

My parents taught me to not be racist or judgmental of people who are different. But common, that black ghetto culture is vile. They all seem to be talking over each other as their pants are falling down. The fat black girls are obnoxious and have no respect for themselves or others. What really makes me sick are white boys imitating them or dumb white girls engaging in sex so they can be "baby mommas".

I do business with people of all races in my day to day life without a second thought about it, so I am not a racist. I am a culturist. I don't care what race you are but I despise black ghetto culture and anyone who is a part of it. When I see it, it's like looking at the raped asshole of hell.

There are a lot of decent well educated black people out there, why don't they buy some Gatling guns and mow them mofo's down. Shoot the white kids who do the jackass and fail videos while your at it. Lets all join in and have a culling!

Here in Canada we have thousands of lazy arsed Somali men. They have been here for over twenty years and still don't look for jobs. In there lazy assed culture, they retire at forty five and everyone else is supposed to provide for them. They farm out their multiple wives to do mundane jobs while they sit at home stinking the place up.

If this has offended anyone, I don't give a shit!


Letemdangle Uploaded 03/03/2011
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