Spittin my Flow at All The Haterz

This is for all the haterz up on ebaumsworld. fuck yall..............


I be up on this site
spittin my fire
talkin real sly
on my acer aspire
im a smart black guy
and a gun for hire
haterz talkin shit
but Im the one they admire

I be chillin with a blunt, and gettin really high
havin some fun, bloggin wit some pride
than when it be done, im a smart black guy
ugh... smart black guy. ugh... smart black guy.

than walks up this little bitch
his name is rednote
he aint never had a bitch
cause he likes to deep throat
he be talkin lots of shit
but that nigga dont know
white boy you better sit
before you become my hoe

than we got dangle, dangle dangle
he plays wit his asshole, asshole asshole
mothafuckin dangle dangle dangle,
gets fucked in the asshole, asshole, asshole
punk bitch ass dangle dangle dangle
he be lickin niggas asshole asshole asshole

ya nigga, Dtown Maross represent.
I pull out my glock and you take your present.
Dtown Maross, thats where i be
slangin hood shit
dats what its like to be me.

Uploaded 03/04/2011
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