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Idea for a tv show

I have an Idea for a shitty edgy tv show. It could be called face the trolls. It doesn't need writers just a team of troll catchers. Some people who could find the true identity of trolls. It can't be that hard. Then track them down and interview them about all the fucked up shit they do on tv. I bet people
would watch that. I am an Idea man.

The team of exploiters can work in a system similar to sales lead tracking. They can gather information under false pretense. Then exploit the shit out of people. Possibly using incriminating statements and information to create some trials, arrests or get people fired and shit like that.  Ruin some marriages or other consequences that will never be the same.  
It may come under some heavy scrutiny and that would be ideal. Controversy is like stink bait or crack. 
Later if we are running thin on material, the show can become a little more inverted at times. 
It takes a troll to catch a troll type deal. We can highlight the "back tracers" and get some dialog going with some real characters. I am taking this Idea to the bank. I only need a few hundred thousand. Maybe a few million. 
The Idea would quickly pay itself off with revenue coming from many, many sources. Merch and personal service to name a few.
 I'm gonna be rich.   
Hoblem Uploaded 03/09/2011
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