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What nyyank257 Considers Good Music Part III

Alright...maybe I'm having too much fun posting music, but this is my last blog on what I consider good tunes. I really do enjoy reading your blogs on what you guys really dig as music. It gives me a reason to check out other bands or songs that I haven't even heard of or just haven't listened to since my high school days. Enough of my rambling, here's Part III.

Since Miles had a Johnny Cash song, I couldn't help but post this up.

Back in High School, this is the album I listened to all the time and still do till this day.

I love Don Henley and this is a Classic song by him.

Since this is my last music blog wise, I leave you with this song.

Hope you had enjoyed reading/listening to my blogs, I know have enjoyed yours.
  It's been a pleasure to my ears, literally.

Thanks again

nyyank257 Uploaded 03/11/2011
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