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Im dreaming of a perfect world where your not an
Not possible!
Im dreaming of real people who dont turn their back on you when you need them.
Yeah right!
Dreaming of days with great weather and more days off.
Good luck with that!
Dreaming of broken hearts being just a word
Dreaming and wishing to be able to erase mistakes, but then again how do you learn without them.
Dreams mostly made to "Pursue", but yet are just broken.
People giving less than what they should to obtain, dude give all and you will gain.
There is more to life than just pain.
Everything is not just a game.
Pawns are just too lame.
Lifes too short to be in another world
So im gonna stop dreaming and wake up to this world of disappointment and lies.
Better yet give up hope that humankind will survive more despise.
Ohh and forgive all the negativity. lol
sillyjill91 Uploaded 03/15/2011
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