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The tsunami in japan is a symbol of...
a jelly fudge on a pop-knot, dont hang the breakfast pillow on a ranch-barn bailey!! I sunk the magnificent saddle poppy on an onion ring, for 3 reasons.....
1. jiffy lube only takes 10 min on an oil change,(no sprouts / NO tomato)
2. the ranch sauce held a new record for the most japanese fish ever quoted on a case of contingency since 1979 (Copyright 2011 from frog-platter inc.)
3. the third muel race led six anchovies into a prosthetic gold mine, producing almost 10 and eight thirds the concrete you would need to water the flowers every tuesday.
All these little things Ive explained may not seem like much, but adding them up it seems as thou the potato chives have found an explanation for the hamburger of his apprentice, George Taylor SpGooettie Jr.
in the long run, "Allen" found some hookers with a cave clown that changes colors, you can only IMAGINE the things "Allen" can cook with a Jr. Cave coward fishy goo with a bean bag sock...

toodle doo..
sterobj Uploaded 03/18/2011
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