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My Balls


The doctor told me what to expect.  It's one thing to be told.  It's another to live it.  My scrotum is entirely black.  My wife just commented that it's the same size as one of her boobs.  That's about right.  I've got a large, blackened c-cup ballsack right now.


My incisions are fine.  They're not really bothering me at all.  My giant, stretched out, black ball sack is really bothering me.  I've got ice packs on it.  Two ice packs.  Right on my sack.  It's making it feel better.  Even though no surgery was down in my sack, it feels like it's been stepped on.  It's an ache that goes up into the center of my body, from my taint up to my heart.


Sure, the drugs help.


I've had a vasectomy.  There was some swelling from that too.  That was a tea party with the Care Bears compared to this.  Jet fucking black, people.  Swollen so big it's consuming my dick.


That's all for now.  I'll give you an update soon.

tomlet Uploaded 03/19/2011
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