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Walk it Off.

Random conversation heard while waiting in the supermarket line:

- watcha mean "walk it off"?

- Yeah, like, walk until you feel better.

- And how is that supposed to help? you mean by doing exercises all my troubles and pains will go away? like, walk until I sweat and get some kind of walkers high or somethin? then ill feel better?

- uhmm, look, is just a way of saying deal with it, is just something you say sometimes, nothing too serious, but....

- hey, hey, if you dont really believe in what you fucking say, why say it in the first place, huh? go fuck yourself.

- aww, c'mon babe, why do you have to be like that? you know what I mean, its not a big deal anyways, your brother is just plain stupid, and you know it.

- (sighs and looks at void space) I hope you choke on your own saliva tonight.

- You witch, dont you realize we are not at home and all these people are listening to us?

- Shut up.

End of conversation.
TheNaxx Uploaded 03/22/2011
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