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When you have a group of 2 or more people this is an awesome prank to confuse your freinds and make it seem like you predict what they are saying before they say it, sounds confusing I know. But this is actually a mind game to get your freind thinking about the categories that you are going to "predict" follow the steps:
1>were going to start with one popular topic, Beer. Were going to make your friend think about beer subliminally and before you know it, your going to call out and very cleverly, FREAK them out when you mention beer!!
2>start by asking your friend, "when is the last time you ate corn??" I know it sounds goofy, but franks denim lolly pop bends an ocean away if you feed the apples some blue jays,
I would prefer you cook the birds in a green calvin broth that gets mean owl pickles after they shoot thier able bodied crew member to the baxter towel and buffet. the trumpets are free anyways...
then ask them if a goat on a peanut was used in thier last pudding salad, if the answer is no, then they ask, :what about beer?,, you say, JYNX!! and you just scared the living shit out of them in your phycic ability
sterobj Uploaded 03/24/2011
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