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Please hold....


*Jazz music plays for 5 minutes*

"Hello, thank you for calling"

"Hi my name is...."

"We will connect you with a represenative as soon as possible"

"Well hurry the fuck up"

"Please watch your language sir."


"That's better."

*More Jazz*

"Thank you for waiting. We will now connect you with a represnative."

" bout damn time."

brrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrrr

"Hello my name is Lacquisha, thank you for calling. What can I help you with"


"Hi, I'm calling about your return policy. I bought a..." *Beep*

"Uhh huh, yeah your gonna wanna go dowb to your local wal-mart and uh ask em bout that"


"scuse me. Hey girl! Nah I'm not busy. Just got this white man talking bout return policy. I said 'you just gonna have to go to the damn store and find out white boy, shit' mmm hmmm."

"Hello? Hello?"

*Violently closes phone*

"Fuck this shit!"

Ashes_Fall Uploaded 03/28/2011
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