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Ta 'Ell with Tomlet and his Shit!

We've all been reading aboot poor ol' Tom and his impending doom. His wifey has been goin'  nutz and Ol' Tom is beside himself.  Oh fuckin' boo hoo hoo! Why should I give a shit?

My life's pretty good ya knows. I ignore me wife and she ignores me. Ain't no fightin' whens you gots no one ones to fights with.

Tonight I bit into some good cheese, the label was still attached and stuck to the roof of my mouth.
I unstuck it with my finger and thought to myself, "how easy was that"?

Well, I'm  not sure what is the point of this is, but life is solitary  unless we writes about us.

No one will notice.
Letemdangle Uploaded 04/02/2011
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